Baby Lacy Leggings Gift Pack

Baby Bella Maya™ introduces the hottest new trend, lacy baby leggings! Go cute and sassy with the Lacy Leggings paired with your baby’s favorite dresses and skirts to complete the look. A cute way to cover diapers, and fun and fashionable for every occasion. These amazing baby leggings are sure to turn heads everywhere, making every baby the center of attention! Soft, comfortable, and machine washable fabric won’t leave marks at the waistband.

The perfect gift; Lacy Leggings in sets of 3, packaged to resemble a candy wrapper, offering irresistible appeal. Fans wanted Baby Bella Maya™ baby leggings in every color, white, pink, and black. So we wanted to make the packaging ‘sweet,” as that is the word most often used to describe this gift and accessory.